"Becoming Red was something really natural for me," says the actor.

You are what you eat!

Danny DeVito bathing in pool of melted chocolate was an unforgettable first teaser to his upcoming Super Bowl commercial—but for the real deal, the star fully channeled his inner M&M.

In a first look at the chocolate brand’s 30-second spot above, the company’s main mascot Red expresses how frustrated he is with how many people find M&M’s irresistible to snack on. “I had three people try and eat me today… three!” says Red. While speaking his mind, he sees a lucky penny on the ground and grabs it. “I wish I were human!” he pleads before turning into DeVito dressed in red shorts and a red M&M’s shirt.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, the Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor revealed what it really took to transform into the brand’s popular character.

“Becoming Red was something really natural for me because I kind of look a little bit like him. Actually I’m in better shape than Red, but don’t tell him—he’s a little bit paunchy,” jokes the 73-year-old actor. “But listen, we worked that out. I put on a couple, I ate a couple good dinners, got a little bit chunky. I was looking like a good Red.”

DeVito is known for his daring stunts on the FX sitcom, but he says bathing in chocolate was definitely a first for him.

“I’ve never done anything like that. It was so warm and chocolatey and smooth,” he says. “I really just wanted to start eating it honestly, but I couldn’t do it until we got the shot of the M and the belly and all of that. But, I got a good taste.”

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And even for someone who’s always up for a challenge, he admits he was a little hesitant at first to get waist deep in the thick mixture.

“The night we did the M&M submersion, I was like what? I’m not going to sink all the way down into the… what?!” he laughs. “You don’t want to try this at home, it’s not a thing that you should do.”

DeVito also says that he knows once the commercial airs on Feb. 4 at Super Bowl LII, he’ll never be able to live it down with all his friends and family. “I already know I’m going to get the questions like, ‘Did you get to keep the shorts?’”

All jokes aside, he says he truly took to his new tasty identity: “But really I dug being Red, that’s all there is to it. And now? I control the M&M company,” he laughs.