Sharna Burgess

Even when Sharna Burgess isn’t hitting the ballroom floor every week on Dancing with the Stars, the pro dancer still makes fitness a priority.

“I need to be equally as fit on and off season,” Burgess, 30, tells PEOPLE. “During the season I have less time for the gym – especially once we get into the final weeks. But if I cannot get my cardio in, I try and take a hot yoga class for stretching and calming my energy.”

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Burgess – who wowed the judges during Switch Up Week when she performed with Nyle DiMarco – says her best advice to anyone looking to get in shape is to find something active that you love to do.

“The best form of exercise is one that you enjoy,” she says. “Find a local dance studio, take a friend to hot yoga – make it a social thing if you struggle to find the motivation. Once there are changes in your body and your energy levels, that will be all the motivation you need.”

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Another essential piece of fitness advice?

“Remember to stay hydrated,” says Burgess. “We all underestimate how important that is.”

Gabrielle Olya, @GabyOlya