On Super Bowl Sunday, more than 5,000 people commented on Dana Perino's brown, greasy-looking dip.

Who knew a picture of queso could garner more attention than the actual Super Bowl?

On Sunday, Fox News anchor Dana Perino shared a photo of a cheesy dip she made for the big game on Twitter. “I made queso,” she simply captioned the post, which featured a large slow cooker filled with a brown, greasy-looking liquid.

Shortly after the former press secretary to President George W. Bush posted the tweet, more than 5,000 people commented, sharing their opinions.

“Dana. I respect you and really like you, but I think something went wrong with your queso, ma’am,” one user wrote.

“I can’t stop laughing at this,” another person commented.

Perino responded to the tweets on Sunday night, writing: “At least tweets about my terrible queso are more entertaining than this game.”

The anchor of the Daily Briefing also poked fun at the queso controversy on her show on Monday, revealing it was a chili con queso recipe that is similar to Chili’s.

“I was just joining in with the party,” she said of the reason she posted the photo.

“The thing is I have made better queso,” she continued. “I got the recipe off the internet.”

Chili’s even got in on the fun by responding to her photo. “You know what, Dana? You were brave enough to put yourself out there, and we can respect that,” the restaurant wrote on Twitter.

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Despite people’s criticism, Perino says her guests loved the dip, which was made with chili with no beans, Velveeta cheese and spices.

“There was only a little bit left,” she said.

Perino’s guest on the show Greg Gutfeld said, “When I saw that, I’m like going, ‘What are you doing?’ You have made a permanent meme.” He also commented, saying it was worse than Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction during the Super Bowl halftime show in 2004.

But Perino is determined to prove it was a delicious dip. “I’m on at 5, I guess we’re going to talk about this again and I brought some,” she said, “and we’re going to warm it up for a taste test.”