Dairy Queen Drops Their Valentine's Day Treats Including a New Triple Truffle Blizzard

The ice cream chain is also introducing a "cupid cake"

Dairy Queen Valentine's Day
Photo: Dairy Queen

Love is in the air at Dairy Queen!

On Monday, the ice cream chain dropped two new menu items, including a new Blizzard, inspired by the romanticism of Valentine's day.

Joining Dairy Queen's regular lineup are the triple truffle Blizzard treat and the triple truffle Blizzard cupid cake. Both confections are inspired by some of the best flavors found inside a Valentine's day box of chocolate.

The triple truffle Blizzard features a blend of truffles filled with peanut butter, fudge and caramel. The chocolatey treat is blended with Dairy Queen's soft serve and the company's chocolate topping for a cold, decadent confection.

In addition to a new Blizzard, Dairy Queen is also launching a cake for Valentine's day. The triple truffle Blizzard cupid cake is a heart-shaped ice cream cake to help spread a little love during the cheery season.

The frozen treat is made with a base of Dairy Queen's soft serve and features a layer of the new triple truffle Blizzard with an extra layer of the peanut butter, fudge and caramel-filled truffles.

Dairy Queen Valentine's Day
Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen has launched a variety of new flavors over the past year, all inspired by a different season.

Last summer, the ice cream chain released two new flavors to join a nostalgic lineup of Blizzards. Alongside flavors like cotton candy or one using actual Girls Scout Thin Mint cookies, came the caramel fudge cheesecake Blizzard and the Oreo dirt pie Blizzard, inspired by childhood playground fun.

For fall 2022, Dairy Queen embraced the warming flavors of cinnamon with a cinnamon roll Blizzard. It joined two other new candy-inspired flavors, as well as a variety of returning seasonal flavors like pumpkin pie.

Most recently in December, the brand revealed a winter menu that launched a new frosted sugar cookie Blizzard. It joined products like the candy cane chill Blizzard to help bring the spirit of the holiday season to Dairy Queen.

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