The new frozen concoction has been dubbed a "cookie cartwheel"

By Dave Quinn
April 04, 2019 11:14 AM

Dairy Queen just upped their Blizzard game.

The popular soft serve ice cream and fast-food restaurant chain has been releasing limited-edition Blizzard flavors each month for well over a decade now (as over 4 million of its members in its Blizzard of the Month fan club surely know), offering unique versions of their signature upside-downright thick treat.

April’s debut, dubbed the Oreo Cookie Jar Blizzard, blends vanilla soft serve with Oreo cookies, chocolate chip cookie dough balls and fudge, creating what the company joked on Instagram was a “cookie cartwheel.”

Like all Blizzards, the ice cream snack is available in four sizes: mini, small, medium, and large. Nutrition information varies.

If that weren’t enough, the company also dropped two new Blizzards on its summer menu: the Brownie Dough Blizzard (with brownie dough, coco chunks, and cocoa fudge) and the Caramel Cannonball Blizzard (caramel coated caramel truffles, toffee pieces, and caramel topping.)

The additions comes as the company has also rolled out a more savory offering: Chicken and Waffle Baskets.

“We’re thrilled to offer the best of both worlds with our delicious take on a classic,” said Maria Hokanson, executive vice president of marketing, in a press release. “Fans love our chicken strip basket, and now they can really indulge with the addition of decadent Belgian waffles.”