Dairy Queen Location Searching for Their Stolen 15-Foot Spoon Is Offering Free Blizzards as a Reward

"This spoon is too big to eat anything," said DQ owner Raman Kalra. "We want you to bring it back. We will not ask any questions."

DQ Missing Spoon
Photo: Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty

A Dairy Queen in Phoenix remains perplexed after their giant spoon statue was stolen last week.

The 15-foot statue, modeled after the plastic red spoons Dairy Queen gives with their Blizzards, was secured against the side of the building. According to owners Puja Kalra and Raman Kalra, it was a popular spot for customers to snap a photo.

The Kalras expressed their concern for the missing spoon, which was stolen between late Friday night and early Saturday morning. After watching their surveillance video, the couple thinks the perpetrators had done this before.

"They were so precise about it like they had done it before," Raman told the Associated Press. "They just wiggled their way through and made sure the spoon was not damaged."

The video allegedly showed two people unscrewing the statue and then taking off on a "small motorbike." The Phoenix police are investigating the theft but have not identified any suspects, according to the AP.

Raman told the outlet that the spoon would cost $7,000 to replace.

"I appeal to the person. This spoon is too big to eat anything," Raman said. "We want you to bring it back. We will not ask any questions."

In a plea to the community for help searching for the spoon, staff at the store's location will start wearing T-shirts that say "Where's my spoon?" They also posted flyers around Phoenix for tips about the spoon's location. The reward is one Blizzard treat in every flavor of the summer menu, which was announced earlier this week.

Dairy Queen Drops Their Summer Blizzard Menu Including Two New Flavors and the Return of a S’mores Treat
Dairy Queen

The lineup of seasonal flavors, now available for a limited time, includes new additions like the peanut butter puppy chow blizzard which combines vanilla soft serve, puppy chow bites (cereal mixture), peanut butter and chocolate chunks. Also making its DQ debut is the Oreo brookie blizzard. The ultra-chocolatey dessert is made with vanilla soft serve and mixed with Oreos and brownie-cookie pieces.

For the returning goodies, DQ brought back the s'mores blizzard — which consists of soft serve, marshmallow-filled chocolate pieces and graham crackers. The remaining summer items are the cotton candy blizzard, which is made with cotton candy sprinkles and soft serve, and the choco-dipped strawberry blizzard blended with soft serve and strawberry and chocolate chunks.

Best of all, fans can score these seasonal items for a low price. In honor of blizzards being invented in 1985, shop-goers can snag one of the iconic sweets for 85 cents via the chain's app from April 10 to 23.

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