Dairy Queen Is Selling a New Dreamsicle-Dipped Ice Cream Cone Just in Time for Spring

Twitter is ablaze with Dairy Queen customers reporting they have been able to try the restaurant's new orange-covered soft-serve treat

Dairy Queen has outdone themselves once again — and just as the weather is starting to heat up again for much of the country.

Several social-media users are reporting that the chain has begun rolling out a dreamsicle-dipped ice cream cone, dubbed the DQ Orange, according to a press release from the company addressing their recent Free Cone Day.

With a foundation of the chain’s signature soft-serve vanilla ice cream, the DQ Orange dessert features a dipped shell crafted from the well-loved dreamsicle.

Many lucky patrons have expressed their joy over Dairy Queen’s newest menu addition on Twitter, sharing photos and positive reviews galore.

“The dreamsicle ice cream cone from DQ is legit y’all,” wrote one happy customer (who, according to her Twitter bio, hails from Jackson, Ohio) on Thursday.

Another proponent tweeted, “I’m just sayin … that dreamsicle dipped ice cream at Dairy Queen is the f—ing bomb.”

In the press release surrounding March 20’s Free Cone Day, Dairy Queen described the DQ Orange as boasting a “creamy and crunchy dreamsicle dip.”

Delish reported that a rep for the restaurant explained the classic treat’s new shell is a “vibrantly colored, creamy orange and vanilla flavored coating” atop the vanilla soft-serve.

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Dairy Queen has not revealed a chain-wide rollout date or commented on whether the DQ Orange cone would eventually be available in all stores but, according to Delish, the brand revealed that more locations will see the new dessert become available on May 1.

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