By peoplestaff225
Updated September 09, 2013 10:15 AM
Dominique Ansel Magic Souffle

People are still waiting three-plus hours in line for Cronuts, but here’s our simple advice:

Don’t. Do. It.

In all of his spare time between filling hundreds upon thousands of Cronut orders, and turning away celebrities who try to skip the line, chef Dominique Ansel has married two other baked goods that are even more compatible than a croissant and a doughnut. Just call him the Yente of pastries.

His new marvel is called the Magic Souffle. It is an ooey-gooey chocolate soufflé hidden inside of a tower of toasted brioche, and you don’t have to wake up at 4:30am to get it (at least not yet).

We learned that the hard way, after getting to the bakery at 5:30am on Friday to join the line, which was already at least 60 people deep. Nearly three hours later, we got to the door and realized the souffle was available in the much shorter non-Cronut line. Still, they were going fast. Just 15 minutes after the doors opened, we snagged two of the last ones.

Dominique Ansel Magic Souffle
Dominique Ansel Magic Souffle
Dominique Ansel Magic Souffle
Dominique Ansel Magic Souffle

Here are all of your questions, answered:

Is it really that good? Yes. Ansel infuses the brioche dough with orange blossom water, and the subtle hit of citrus takes what would just be a really good chocolate souffle to a whole new level. So does the crumbly crunch of the toasted brioche. And how does a perfectly molten souffle rise inside of brioche? Ansel won’t tell—we guess that’s part of the magic.

Can I shove it in my face as I sprint to the subway because the bakery doesn’t open until 8, meaning I’m late for work? Yes. This may be the world’s first souffle you can eat with your hands. In fact, Ansel laughed at us for using a fork.

I’m a broke college student. Can I start a Magic Souffle black market? No. It’s served warm and needs to be eaten pronto.

I’m a broke college student. How much will one of these set me back? $7. It’s worth it.

We hope the Cro-nuts out there don’t storm our apartment with pitchforks speared with shiny gold boxes for crowning a new king. But really. If you are in New York, go get this souffle. And if you aren’t, watch out for imitators in a town near you. They’re coming.

—Marissa Conrad