Cronut Bakery Reopens

It’s going to take more than a mouse sighting to deter Cronut seekers from getting their fix at Dominique Ansel, the Manhattan bakery named for the chef who created the legendary dessert.

Although health officials closed the bakery on Friday after Gothamist posted a tipster video of a mouse scurrying across the floor, it reopened this morning with a line of more than 100 people waiting.

Ansel posted an Instagram shot of himself greeting the crowd with the caption, “We are so excited to be the best we’ve ever been for our fans.”

The chef, who has also spoken to the press about his concerns that his success has made him an unfair target, introduced a special edition Rocky-themed inside Cronut boxes with a quote from the movie and a gold star.

Over the weekend, Ansel and his team worked to refurbish the floors to better comply with Department of Health guidelines, and they’ve held on to their inspection grade of “A,” which they also had prior to the closing.

Along with a staff photo, Ansel posted a lengthy statement on Instagram thanking his defenders. “In the words of Rocky Balboa – whose theme song has been playing on our radio all weekend long while we worked to deliver everything that was required of us and more – ‘getting hit and keep moving forward…that’s how winning is done!’ he wrote. To channel the Rocky vibe, staffers also wore red headbands for their closeup.

—Lexi Dwyer

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