July 17, 2014 12:10 PM

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Chips and candy bars? Try soft-serve and sparkling wine!

Vending machines have come a long way since we were kids. And when we saw that at least one office building in Washington, D.C. is now home to Frobot, a frozen yogurt vending machine, we got to dreaming — what kind of crazy vending machine can we convince our bosses to put in the office?

In a perfect world, all seven of the following, dispensing everything from mini bottles of bubbly to warm baguettes!

Courtesy Frobot/Instagram

If this frozen yogurt ATM ever expands outside of Washington, D.C., we’ll welcome it with open spoons. Frobot dispenses a 7-oz. portion in a single flavor of the day, such as vanilla, mango or cake batter, for $3 (payable only by credit card).

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Cheers to this vending machine at department store Selfridge’s in London, which sells 200ml Swarovski-crystal-studded bottles of Moët & Chandon for what equates to about $29 each. But don’t think you’re skirting an ID check — you have to pay at a counter and then head to the machine, which will deliver your bubbly via golden robot arm.

Courtesy Farmer's Fridge/Instagram

Chefs at Chicago company Farmer’s Fridge get in at 5am daily to make fresh salads in a jar and deliver them to this machine made out of reclaimed wood. Find it in the food court at the James R. Thompson Center downtown. At the end of each day, unsold salads are donated to a local food pantry.

Courtesy Pinterest via Flickr.com

This soft-serve vending machine in Japan offers the prettiest assortment of flavors we’ve seen, from vanilla, chocolate and strawberry to green soybean, Japanese apricot and almond jelly. One of everything, please!

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Courtesy maBaguette/Facebook

People are so obsessed with maBaguette, a line of vending machines in France that dispense fresh, warm loaves of bread, that they use the baguettes in lieu of birthday cake, apparently. We approve.

Courtesy Beyondte Technology

The Robo, as this beauty is called, dispenses hot French fries in 95 seconds, reports Grub Street — and you can possible already find it in Iran, Croatia and Chile, although sadly no U.S. locations slated yet.

Courtesy Sprinkles/Instagram

Craving a Sprinkles cupcake in the middle of the night? Of course you are. If you live in Atlanta, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas or New York, you can get your fix 24/7 at one of the bakery’s cupcake ATMs, which charge $4 (credit card only) for one cupcake (flavors vary). The pink machines are also coming soon to Washington, D.C.; Scottsdale, Arizona; Glendale, California; and Palo Alto, California. Students of Stanford, rejoice.

—Marissa Conrad


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