"I don’t think this bottle’s going to last me till Christmas," said one Costco member

By Morgan Raum
November 07, 2019 11:40 AM
Credit: Costco Buys Instagram

If you were excited that it’s almost hot chocolate weather, just wait till you hear about Eggnog Wine Cocktail weather.

No, this is not a drill. The boozy beverage is real — and it’s being sold at Costco now — but it’s not exactly what it sounds like.

The Kirkland Eggnog Wine Cocktail was first spotted by the Instagram account @costcobuys, and people were immediately enthralled — and somewhat skeptical. Typically, the traditional alcoholic eggnog will include a mix of eggs, cream, and alcohol like rum or brandy, not wine. But while this product is labeled a “wine cocktail,” many were quick to notice that wine doesn’t seem to be included in the ingredients listed on the bottle.

One follower commented on the post, “Wine? Why are they calling it wine?” A reddit user was also intrigued: “Does anyone know if this is the only version they’re carrying now, or why they’re putting wine in it? What the heck is going on here??!”

Credit: Costco Wholesale

In response, some people suggested that the product might not actually be made from grapes and that state liquor laws may be the reason the eggnog is branded as wine. A representative for Costco did not immediately respond for comment.

Regardless, if you can’t turn down the opportunity to try the holiday cocktail, it comes in a 1.5-liter bottle that contains 13.9% Alc/Vol and retails for only $9. Oh, and it’s recommended that you serve the drink over ice, according to @costcobuys.

A few shoppers found the beverage had a strong alcohol taste — but offered a quick fix. “Yes i agree it’s delicious just a little strong for me i also had to add eggnog and some Ice cube [sic].”

Others are enjoying it just as it is: “I don’t think this bottle’s going to last me till Christmas,” joked another Costco member.

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