Costco Is Now Selling 'Ginormous' 3-Lb. Lobster Claws in Some Stores

"I hope we have enough butter," one shopper joked on Instagram

Photo: Julesfood/Instagram

Christmas has come early for seafood fans.

Costco shoppers are reporting on social media that they have spotted quite the eye-opening item in the wholesale retailer's seafood department: huge lobster claws that look like something out of a shellfish lover's wildest dreams.

"Ginormous '3 lb' LOBSTER CLAW !!!… Have you EVER ?!… This thing is unreal !" one Instagram user named Jules, who shares mostly photos of food, wrote alongside an image of a person holding up the giant claw and a second shot of a hand next to it, to show off the impressiveness of its size. "I mean, come on. I've seen a few big claws at Costco before, but this one's crazy ! We just had to get it."

"It might be 1/2 its weight in shell, but worth it already," Jules continued of the claw — which was found at a Costco in Newport Beach, California, according to the post's location setting. "The family's had their fun photo ops, now it's going on the grill. I can't promise an inside pic, they're too anxious to eat this monster. I hope we have enough butter ?! … "

Another account shared a snapshot of multiple packages of the claws, including a close-up shot of a 4.7-lb. variety retailing for $46.95 (that's about $10 per lb.).

"OMG! Costco has THE BIGGEST #Lobsterclaw we have ever seen!" the user wrote, musing, "Makes me wonder how big the tail is?"

A third Instagram user posted an image of their fist next to one package, captioning it, "Wth #costco #mutant #lobsterclaw."

Online, Costco sells live Maine lobsters at $130 for a six-count, with each crustacean weighing 1¼ lbs.


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Costco has seemingly one-upped themselves with its newest super-sized offering, which joins the likes of products such as a 27-lb. bucket of macaroni and cheese and a tub of Nutella that weighs in at nearly 7 lbs.

The literal bucket of chocolate hazelnut spread is being sold in 105.6-ounce (6.6-lbs.) containers, meaning you will probably be working on eating it well past the expiration date. According to the nutritional information, each tub will serve 81 people.

A 13-ounce jar of Nutella sells on average for $3.49, making this a savings of about $6 when you purchase the larger container for $22.

You can buy the tub in Costco stores nationwide, or online for an additional $3 delivery fee. Plus, if you're a member, you can get two-day shipping.

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