It's nearly 2½ pounds.

Costco tiramisu
Credit: Instacart

At Costco, you can have your cake and share it, too.

The wholesale retailer is currently selling a giant tiramisu cake, according to the Instagram account @CostcoBuys (and first pointed out by Delish.) “Coffee, chocolate, and cake all in one?” wrote the unofficial Costco account. “This Tiramasu [sic] Bar Cake is like a little slice of Italy right in Costco!”

The 38-ounce dessert (that’s nearly 2½ pounds!) is sold in the bakery section under their signature Kirkland brand for $15.99. It has been available off and on for years but is experiencing a resurgence thanks to its Instagram fame. The post was filled with comments from Costco members who either love the cake or can’t wait to try it.

“My favorite!!!!!!,” wrote one commenter. “I only buy it for myself. And finish it.”

If you can’t get to the superstore to get your fix, the tiramisu is also available for delivery through Instacart. The personal-shopper service even offers another oversized dessert for delivery called the Tuxedo Chocolate Mousse Cake. It clocks in at a whopping 48 ounces.

If none of these options appeal to you but now you’ve got a craving for the delicious coffee-chocolate combo, we’ve got a recipe for an easy tiramisu — and get this, it’s football shaped. The no-bake treat is just what you need for your next Sunday night football watch party. Get the full recipe here.

Oversized food is surely not a new occurrence at Costco. Earlier this year, shoppers could buy a 6.6 pound tub of Nutella for $21.99. It’s sadly since sold out.