One shopper put it best: "Costco has out-Costco'd itself."

By Ana Calderone
November 05, 2018 05:20 PM
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This shopper said it best: “Costco has out-Costco’d itself.”

The membership-only warehouse store known for its bulk-size products is selling a nearly four-foot wine glass. Costco customers all over the country have been sharing photos of the massive cup, as first pointed out by Delish, which retails for $79.99 in stores.

The glass’s packaging doesn’t actually suggest you should drink from it—the box it comes in shows it being used to hold corks or faux plants—but that hasn’t stopped some shoppers from dreaming.


“Finally found a good sized wine glass. Thanks Costco !!!” wrote on Twitter user.

“Costco has the after work wine glass that suits my needs,” wrote another.

One Twitter user even pointed out that the huge vino vessel would be perfect for recreating the Inside Amy Schumer skit Football Town Nights where the comedienne, riffing on Connie Britton’s character from Friday Night Lights, drinks out of a wine glass that gets bigger and bigger as the week progresses.

The "decorative" glass is available for purchase on Costco's site for $99.99 (that includes $20 in shipping costs). If you’re not a member but still want to up your drinking game, Michaels and Amazon have a few smaller, but still oversized options, like this glass that holds an entire bottle of wine.