There's a bottle of Coke out there with your name on it—literally.

By Jennifer Calfas
April 18, 2017 11:20 AM
ShareanIceCold Coke

You may be able to have a Coke with your name on it this summer.

Coca-Cola is reintroducing its popular “Share a Coke” campaign — now branded as “Share an ICE COLD Coke” — to celebrate the return of warm weather. Customers will be able to look for their first or last names on 20-oz. Coke bottles.

The beverage giant also expanded the number of flavors available with the names on them to include Coca-Cola Life and Cherry Coke. The names had already appeared on Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero in the past.

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“We know how much people love finding their names on Coca-Cola bottles, so this year we brought back names and added more names than ever,” Even Holod, the brand director for Coca-Cola North America, said in a statement.

The company also allows customers to create their own custom glass bottles of Coke online.

Coca-Cola first started including common names on its bottles in 2011 in Australia. The company has expanded the campaign each year to include more names and flavors.