The new flavor has consistently been the most popular combination from the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines.
cherry vanilla coca-cola
Credit: Coca-Cola

We have important, potentially life-changing news. Coca-Cola just announced that they’re officially releasing Cherry Vanilla Coke in bottles and cans nationwide starting Feb. 10.

Why is that a big deal? Because Cherry Coke and Vanilla Coke have always been sold separately, even though Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine data shows that people drink the mix of Coke, classic cherry, and vanilla flavors more than any other combination. Plus, Valentine’s Day is coming up very soon and, let’s be honest, easily accessible Cherry Vanilla Coke is way better than flowers and chocolate. Just bring a bouquet of soda cans and you’ll be set.

cherry vanilla coca-cola

According to the Freestyle machine data provided by Coca-Cola, customers in Los Angeles have poured the equivalent of more than 6.6 million cans of Cherry Vanilla coke since 2017. And in Lafayette, Indiana there have been nearly six pours per resident. In total, the equivalent of 105.5 million cans of the flavor have been poured in the last three years.

The Freestyle version contains 170 calories per 16 oz. serving, so the new bottle will presumably contain something similar.

And that’s not all. The original Cherry Vanilla Coca-Cola will be accompanied by a zero-sugar version, so everyone can easily enjoy the new flavor.

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Almost exactly one year ago, the soda company announced the first new Coke flavor in more than a decade: Orange Vanilla Coke and Orange Vanilla Coke Zero Sugar. (Diet Coke has regularly released new flavors but Orange Vanilla was the first from the original.) So the fact that they are releasing yet another new flavor so soon after is also a big deal, and we’re crossing our fingers that the soda company will continue to bless us with new flavors down the road.