Cindy Crawford Dishes on Her Not-Too-Strict Diet: 'Be 80 Percent Good, 80 Percent of the Time'

Though she stays away from "white foods" like pasta and rice, the supermodel has a weakness for ice cream and cocktails.

Although Cindy Crawford considers herself a healthy eater, her motto is: “Be 80 percent good, 80 percent of the time.”

“It’s fun to have ice cream with your family after dinner,” Crawford, who recently invested in Coolhaus ice cream, tells PEOPLE. “I never wanted to be the mom who was like, ‘Oh, no, I can’t have [that].’ I guess that’s not the kind of example that I wanted to set.”

The supermodel says not being too strict with her diet was important for her children, son Presley Gerber, 18, and daughter Kaia Gerber, 16, to see as they embarked on their own modeling careers.

“Especially for Kaia,” Crawford adds. “I didn’t want her to think, ‘Oh, in order to be [a model], you can’t enjoy those things in life.’ Of course you can. You just have to enjoy them in moderation.”

photo credit: Coolhaus

Crawford, who sticks to a routine of “some kind of salad every day” and a daily dose of green tea, doesn’t mind indulging with other foods that aren’t ice cream. Although she’s “cut out the bad carbs from white foods” like pasta, bread, and rice, she often indulges with cocktails and chocolate.

Recently, on her way home from Coachella, the supermodel stopped by In-N-Out for a bun-less burger. “I don’t get fries,” Crawford says, “but I did get the chocolate shake.”

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Although she admits she doesn’t cook as often as she used to when her kids were younger, she often bakes with Kaia and enjoys meals out with her family where they can “sit and talk to each other for an hour.”

Now the ice cream business is a family affair, with Presley getting involved in the investment as well.

The mother-son duo shot a video in their Beverly Hills home as a part of Coolhaus’ “As Awesome As You Are” campaign, which announces the launch of three new ice cream sandwich flavors and seven new pints available in stores nationwide, including Buttered French Toast and Street Cart Churro Dough.

In the spot (below), Presley can be seen sliding a pint of Chocolate Molten Cake down a table as his mom takes a bite on the couch. Later, Cindy and Presley are in their kitchen tossing around pints of ice cream trying to get them to land straight up.

The company is also launching a Milkshake & Fries flavor—one of Crawford’s favorites—which is made with salted Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream mixed with shoestring french fries and milk chocolate malt balls.

“I remember when I was a young model in Japan, and everything was so foreign, the one thing that I recognized was McDonald’s,” Crawford says. “I used to go with my roommate, who was also from the United States, and I would dip french fries in my chocolate shake. When I saw that flavor, I was like, ‘Oh, my God. I have to have this.'”

“On a personal level, I love how Cindy has brought Presley into this and is all about her kids being involved and proactive in their investments,” Coolhaus founder Natasha Case tells PEOPLE. “It’s inspiring to see that kind of financial savviness and care be passed down to the next generation.”

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This isn’t Crawford’s first time working with her son. In February, Presley shot a Pepsi Super Bowl commercial with his mom.

“It’s not usual that you get to do that with your kid,” Crawford said. “Presley’s the type of person that really doesn’t like to be the center of attention. He’s fine in the background, but watching him on set, when he gets in front of the camera, he knows how to do it, and I was just a beaming mother.”

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