Chuck E. Cheese's Is Putting Unicorn Churros On the Menu and They Come In 3 Magical Flavors

Who knew you could deep-fry magic?

Photo: Chuck E. Cheese's

In perhaps the most on-brand menu addition of all time, Chuck E. Cheese’s has announced that they will be bringing Unicorn Churros to locations just in time for National Unicorn Day on April 9.

Unicorn Churros are not your average churros for a variety of reasons: They not only come in an adorable unicorn cup, but each order comes with a bright pink, green and blue churro, each flavored like cotton candy, sour green apple or blue raspberry, respectively. We don’t even have to tell you they will come sprinkled with a generous amount of colored sugar, too.

Chuck E. Cheese’s will start cranking the Unicorn Churros out a day before National Unicorn Day, on April 8, but there are benefits to celebrating the actual holiday at Chuck E. Cheese’s. On April 9, a free order of Unicorn Churros will come with the purchase of 30 minutes of All You Can Play because everyone knows the only thing more magical than unicorns is free food.

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If you can’t make it on the 9th, the Unicorn Churros will cost you $3.99, and they will be available nationwide for a limited time only, until June 6.

Don’t want to wade through swarms of kids to get a taste? Lucky for you, the churros will be available through Door Dash, Uber Eats and Grubhub beginning April 8, as well.

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