Chrissy Teigen Ruthlessly Shuts Down Pizza Shamers with One Word

The model got sassy on Twitter over the weekend, a story you've heard before but somehow never gets old

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Chrissy Teigen displayed an incredible aptitude for sass on Twitter over the weekend, a story you’ve heard before but somehow never gets old.

On Sunday, the cookbook author posted a one-word response to a Nigerian health blog that dared try to slander the good name of pizza. “Two slices of pizza are the equivalent to swallowing 3 spoons of warm oil,” the Naija Gym Blog tweeted, then asked the audience, “Do you feel like eating pizza now?” The tweet was notably accompanied by a photo of a pair of tanalizing pepperoni slices, further weakening their case.

As America’s chief advocate for protecting the sanctity of junk food, Teigen did her civic duty and shut this nonsense down immediately, answering their question: “Yep.”

The tweet now has over 90,000 retweets and counting, proving that there might only be one thing we can all rally behind during these deeply divided times.

Other concerns we have on the validity of the original statement: What kind of oil? How big is this spoon? Does warm oil somehow have more calories than cold oil? Is right now a socially acceptable hour of the day to order a pizza?

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