Chrissy Teigen Wants to Make an Outback Bloomin' Onion at Home—So We Found Out How

The chain restaurant offered some "special tricks" for mastering the beloved appetizer

Chrissy Teigen out and about in New York in all black
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Chrissy Teigen asks, and she shall receive.

The model recently tapped her nearly 5 million Twitter followers to field a very important question: “Has anyone attempted to make a bloomin onion at home? Did it work or does outback have special tricks.”

The inquiry was warranted, considering the beloved Outback Steakhouse appetizer has been described as “pretty magical” by one of PEOPLE’s own staffers. And Teigen is not the Bloomin’ Onion‘s only celebrity fan. “Outback is making a comeback in 2017. You heard it here first you guys,” Hailey Baldwin said on Teigen’s Snapchat Tuesday night.

But back to what you’re all here for. The chain restaurant saw the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit star’s plea and responded with good news. “We’d love to teach you our special Bloomin’ Onion tricks,” they wrote on Twitter. “Send us a DM and we’ll hook you up.”

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Because direct messages are private exchanges, there was little hope these “special” tricks would ever come to light—and that just wouldn’t do. While a representative for Outback told PEOPLE the “exact preparation and recipe are closely guarded”—so much so it’s held under lock and key in Outback’s Research and Development—they did offer some helpful tips below:

Outback Bloomin Onion
Outback Steakhouse

1. The bigger the onion the better!
2. Use a sharp knife to ensure precision…and avoid tears!
3. When cutting, aim for 20 vertical slices to create 200 petals, but don’t worry if you can’t get that many!
4. Don’t cut the onion too deep or it’ll fall apart.
5. Batter the sliced onion up and fry to a golden brown.
6. When frying, fry both sides: flip the onion over halfway through.

Now go forth and bloom your onions with confidence.

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