It all started over a debate about whether ice cream sandwiches are better than ice cream cake.

Chrissy Teigen and husband John Legend may agree on a lot of things, but ice cream sandwiches made with cookies are not one of them.

After comedian Kumail Nanjiani tweeted about ice cream sandwiches being better than ice cream cake, the couple, who are expecting a baby boy in June, shared their own opinions on the thread.

“Ice cream cakes are a failed experiment. They’re never gonna happen. Nobody wants their cake soggy or their ice cream spongy. Put ‘em to bed,” the Silicon Valley star wrote on Twitter. “Y’all are like ‘Shut up ICC is great’ and I’m like ‘When was the last time you had one’ and y’all are like ‘Ummmm it was right after my grandma’s funeral so I must’ve been 12’ gtfoh!”

Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty; Phillip Faraone/Getty

“Ice cream sandwiches >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ice cream cake,” Nanjiani continued.

“An ice cream sandwich, freshly made, so the structural integrity of the cookie isn’t compromised, is pretty doable,” he added in a follow-up tweet.

But Teigen had no interest in the debate of ice cream sandwiches vs. ice cream cake—she wanted to argue that a scoop of ice cream wedged between two cookies is not a valid definition of an ice cream sandwich, and even went so far as to call cookie ice cream sandwiches “garbage.”

“The only ice cream sandwich should be the rectangular blocks with chocolate cakey bread with holes,” she wrote. “This is not an opinion, it is a fact.”

Nanjiani was quick to refute her tweet, citing his own “fist-pump” worthy experience with cookie ice cream sandwiches, saying they were so good he ate two freshly made sandwiches at his friend’s wedding.

That’s when Teigen’s husband joined in on the Twitter banter and agreed with Nanjiani over his wife. “Coolhaus cookie ice cream sandwiches are perfection. Don’t @ me unless you agree I’m exactly right,” he wrote.

“You’re exactly right. That is the sandwich i had at this wedding. Coolhaus,” Nanjiani responded.

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But Teigen wouldn’t back down, arguing that when you bite into the cookie, it “smashes the ice cream and causes deliberate chaos.” She then asked if they could “settle on Klondike” as a happy medium, but her pleas were ignored.

“Yes there is deliberate chaos. But, for me, the effort is worth it. It’s a shattered mess, but a delicious one,” Kanjiani wrote. “Also, Deliberate Chaos was my high school heavy metal band name. Also, Shattered Mess was my college heavy metal band name.”

“Coolhaus was the name of my a cappella group?” Legend, who recently released his latest single “A Good Night,” responded.

“you guys wouldn’t happen to be around 40 years old would you” Teigen teased.

“That’s not a very cool(haus) thing to bring up in this very moment” Nanjiani said, pun intended.

Then, Teigen shared a video of herself chowing down on a traditional ice cream sandwich (the one with the chocolate cake-like holes), set to a black and white Snapchat filter that placed gold sunglasses on her face.

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Nanjiani then surrendered, writing “you win again.”

Although Teigen may think Nanjiani and her husband are completely wrong about ice cream sandwiches, the model later tweeted that maybe she’s “just not a cookie gal,” so it sounds like a brownie ice cream sandwich might be a fair compromise.