Chrissy Teigen Loves Doritos Dust (and Doesn't Care Who Knows It)


She may be developing original recipes for a cookbook (and torturing us with gorgeous food pics in the process), but Chrissy Teigen is not too good for Doritos. Or their dust, for that matter.

“When I cook, everything is organic and very clean; I’m meticulous and kind of insane about it. But sometimes you just want a Doritos Locos Taco,” Teigen tells Delish Magazine in a new interview. “I lick off the nacho cheese seasoning and put the chips back in the bag. You still get all the flavor, not all the carbs!”

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Of course, the Internet found a way to be offended by Teigen’s playful comments, accusing her of promoting “disordered eating.” Really, guys?

Teigen, who has absolutely zero tolerance for online bullies, refused to apologize for her love of the bright orange chip dust:

Tegein’s cookbook, set to be published by Clarkson Potter next April, will combine Thai, American and Norwegian recipes that she’s gathered from a lifetime of traveling. In the meantime — as we anticipate the book’s release — we’ll be eating Doritos and licking the seasoning off our fingers.

—Maria Yagoda, @mariayagoda

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