Want to cook like Pepper? Everything you need is in this video
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Chrissy Teigen has been on a roll lately. In case you missed it, she recently launched her website Cravings by Chrissy Teigen which includes recipes, restaurant guides, and videos of her family. She’s also been regularly uploading to her YouTube channel, with the most recent video being a pantry tour with her mom, Pepper Thai.

In the video, the mother-daughter duo show off a number of their essential Thai cooking ingredients including Mama tom-yum noodles (which Pepper makes for Chrissy at 2 a.m. some nights!), bamboo shoots, and Squid fish sauce. But the most important pantry staple, according to Pepper, is jasmine rice. As Chrissy struggles to pick up the 55 lb. bag of Three Lady jasmine rice (Pepper’s all-time favorite brand), her mom explains, “Security had to carry it for me. This is the best jasmine Thai rice from Thailand.”

Chrissy Teigen Pantry Tour
Credit: Chrissy Teigen/ Youtube

As they continued the tour, the pair was thrilled to come across a Thein-oob scented candle. Chrissy explains how she learned during cooking school in Thailand that this vanilla-jasmine scented candle is used to make dessert.

“You make like a coconut custard and then you light this candle,” she says. “Put it in a bowl near it [the custard] then cover the whole thing so the smoke from the candle infuses the coconut milk with this awesome scent and flavor.”

To see the rest of the tour — and get a mini baby back ribs recipe — watch the full video above.