The Passengers star waited tables before becoming a famous actor

By Jessica Fecteau
Updated December 09, 2016 12:58 PM

Before becoming a successful movie star, Chris Pratt started at the bottom just like many up-and-coming actors in Hollywood, waiting tables in between auditions.

The Passengers star recently opened up on The Graham Norton Show with costar Jennifer Lawrence and chef Jamie Oliver, revealing how he wasn’t the best server.

“It was a terrible restaurant,” Pratt, 37, says. “I was a major contributing factor to how terrible this restaurant was.”

Pratt says he had no money and was only making $20-30 a day. To make up for his lack of income, he would eat the scraps off of diner’s plates when they were finished.

“A lady would come in and she’d be like, ‘What do you recommend?'” Pratt explains. “And I’m like 32 oz. porterhouse. I would always tell them, I would say, ‘Listen, here’s how you want it — medium-rare with some mushrooms on the side, get you some mashed potatoes, you’re going to love this, ma’am!'”

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He says he would then proceed to bring the steak to what he called “the safe zone” in between the dining room and the kitchen and scarf down the rest of what she had left on her plate.

His story took a turn for the worse when she asked for the leftover steak to-go for her dog at home. After lying and saying he already threw it out, the woman asked him to dig in the dumpster for it and he quickly told the chef to make a new one — no questions asked.

But Pratt made it out on top in the end: “She ended up being so, like, happy that I would be willing to dig through the garbage for her dog that she gave me a giant tip,” he says. “And she left early because she couldn’t wait for the steak to be done so I got another steak!”