Chris Pratt Returns to Social Media After 'Much Needed Hiatus' to Reveal He Raises and Eats His Own Lamb

"I have found a new passion to add to my many others. #farmlife," the Jurassic World actor wrote on Instagram.

Chris Pratt is all about that #farmlife.

After staying silent on Instagram for more than a month, the Jurassic World actor returned with his mini food series, “What’s My Snack?”. On Monday’s menu? Meat — and lots of it.

“I’m excited to get back into posting stuff to social media after a much needed hiatus,” Pratt captioned the video explaining the story behind his lunch of spinach and lamb straight from his own farm.

“I’m doing this new blood type diet and since I have a strain of alien blood that they’ve never seen before, it’s kind of a free for all with what I get to eat,” he joked. “Since I’ve been farming lamb for the past six months and fishing, I’m eating lamb.”

“That’s right, fresh farm to table lamb,” he continued. “They are the happiest lambs on the planet. They are so sweet and then one day they wake up dead and they’re in my freezer. I don’t know how it even works but it’s amazing and if you’re a vegetarian, I apologize, I don’t mean to be insensitive but I did have a wonderful lamb lunch for my snack.”

Pratt—who shares a son Jack, 5, with his ex Anna Farris—followed up with a photo of all the meat harvested from the lambs and assured his followers that the animal “lived a very good life.”

“He was groomed and shorn, his hooves medicated, de wormed, no antibiotics necessary. Surrounded by laughing loving humans, including children to whom they provided such joy. Nuzzled, pet and loved every day,” he wrote. “No stressful travel to his final destination. Trauma Free. Just a touch of a usda certified wand to his head and he goes to sleep. The other sheep don’t even notice. It’s like unplugging a tv.”

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The actor revealed that after his butcher “works his magic” he shares the wealth with his friends and family. Pratt also wrote that he may open up shop so his followers can enjoy the fruits of his labor but he’s “gotta get some things dialed in first.”

“I have found a new passion to add to my many others. #farmlife and jack loves it!” he finished off the post. “You’ll know where to sprinkle my ashes. I’ll tell you that.”

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