Chris Pratt's Hilarious New Video Series 'What's My Snack?' Is Exactly Like It Sounds

All the game involves is Pratt showing off his food for the day, and well, eating it.

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We all know the feeling: It’s been a little too long since your last meal, you’re getting hungry, the crankiness is starting to set in, and you’re saying things you maybe shouldn’t. Luckily, when Chris Pratt‘s hungry-induced delirium sets in, comedy ensues.

While on set of Jurassic World 2, the actor introduced Instagram to a new game he invented called “What’s My Snack?” All it involves is Pratt showing off his food for the day, and well, eating it.

The first installment started on Thursday with a cacao, baobab, banana, chia smoothie. The ingredients prove rather difficult for Pratt to pronounce.

Next up is some assorted sashimi or “cat food” as he calls it. “This is one of those things where, when you’re as hungry as I am, everything tastes really good but this is especially good,” he says.

Unfortunately, the raw fish and seaweed were not enough to hold him over when the late-night cravings kicked in.

“Hi guys, Chris Pratt here for another episode of ‘What’s My Snack?’ and honestly it’s pretty late and I’m so hungry,” he says, whispering. “It’s 10:53 p.m. and I should go to bed but instead I’m gonna maybe eat my snack for tomorrow.”

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Each container of food, including the olive oil pistachio cake he’s about to devour, is labeled “snack” with their nutritional facts printed on the front—which probably means Pratt is watching his caloric intake to stay in shape for the new film.

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Like anyone on a diet, Pratt has to barter with himself to only eat half of the cake today and the rest tomorrow. Watch the clip above to see if his plan worked out.

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