Doesn't that chocolate look good? How about pairing it with some... fried chicken?

By peoplestaff225
Updated January 31, 2014 02:45 PM

Doesn’t that chocolate look good? Now, how about pairing it with some fried chicken?

Okay, we sound looney tunes but it’s not our idea, we swear! ChocoChicken, what owners call a chocolate/fried chicken hybrid restaurant, is slated to open in L.A. in March — and it already has food fans clucking.

The idea comes from restaurateur Adam Fleischman, the founder of popular chain Umami Burger — yes, the folks that brought us the new deep-fried, custard-soaked burger — and two business partners. And … it just might work. Dig deeper into the concept and it actually doesn’t sound as nuts as its elevator pitch:

1) Yes, they mean actual chocolate — nothing like the chocolate mole sauce you may have had on savory Mexican meals.

2) No, you’re not dipping your fried chicken in melted chocolate.

3) No, the batter isn’t made of pure chocolate.

But #3 is the closest: Chocolate is incorporated into the batter recipe to add what Fleischman calls a “crack factor” to the bird. It sounds more like chocolate as a secret ingredient than a Nestlé Drumstick with meat, which admittedly was our first (revolting) thought.

A first look at the finished product, Tweeted by Everybody Loves Raymond creator Phil Rosenthal, looks pretty irresistible.

The limited menu also feature a lineup of biscuits, “new school” sides (whatever that means) and a full bar. Whiskey and chocolate fried chicken? Now we’re really talking.