S'mores and Red Velvet Chips Ahoy! are available nationwide starting June 20

By Ana Calderone
Updated December 03, 2020 12:40 PM
Credit: Nabisco

Chips Ahoy! wants you to have a sweet summer.

To kick off the first day of the season, the cookie company announced the release of two new flavors hitting shelves on Monday. S’mores and Red Velvet are the latest creations—and both sound like premium material for dunking in a cold glass of milk on a hot summer day.

The S’mores cookie brings you all the flavors of a campfire without having to search for kindling wood. The cookies are made with a chocolate fudge center and marshmallow-flavored and fudge chips. To heighten the experience, its recommended you “heat for treat” so the center gets all gooey and wonderful.

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The Red Velvet flavor features a red cookie with a cream cheese filling topped with cream cheese flavored chips. And same goes here for warming them up in the microwave for a few seconds.

If the sound of s’mores and red velvet cookies makes your stomach sing, here’s a friendly reminder that the two flavor variations are also available in Oreo form. Why not try those too? Your summer diet can wait till tomorrow.