Chipotle to Broadcast Their Food Safety Meeting: People Will Get a 'Detailed Story About What Happened' During E. Coli Outbreak

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First free food and now a (live tweeted) food-safety meeting. Chipotle continues their attempt to woo customers back after several public health scares traced back to their restaurants.

The fast-casual Mexican food chain’s ongoing issues with food contamination — with E Coli outbreaks in restaurants from September to November — have led to declining sales and even a criminal investigation.

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Now, seemingly in an effort to get back into their customer’s good graces, Chipotle restaurants nationwide will be closed on Monday until 3 p.m. for a company-wide food safety meeting.

During the briefing, executives will explain how the food contamination occurred, reported USA Today. Last month at a conference, Chipotle chief creative and development officer, Mark Crumpacker, said people would get “a detailed story about what happened.”

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And you don’t have to be a Chipotle employee to tune in. In addition to the 50,000 expected employees — who will gather in conference rooms and movie theaters — to hear the broadcast, customers can also turn to Twitter and Periscope starting at 12 p.m. EST to get the latest on the meeting.

The company also continues their free food campaign. Vouchers for complimentary burritos will be given away until 6 p.m. Can’t make it in to a Chipotle today? Not to worry, just text “RAINCHECK” to 888-222 and you’ll receive a link where you can enter your name and zip code.

The company will text you in a few days with a coupon you can redeem for one of their mission burritos.

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