March 24, 2016 11:37 AM


It was a perfect storm of food.

Two industrial trucks — one carrying Frito-Lay chips, the other carrying Busch beer — crashed on a Florida highway earlier this week. Fortunately, no one was injured, but the collision resulted in a road that looked like the remnants of a wild Superbowl party.

Broken beer bottles and crushed chips lay strewn over the street, as reported by local station, News 13. So, how did this freak-yet-funny moment happen?

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According to a Florida Highway Patrol, a Frito Lay truck stalled, so the driver, pulled over to the right shoulder. The Busch beer semi-truck tried to move to the center, but couldn’t due to another vehicle so he swerved back to the right lane and smacked into the chips truck. Said News 13, “The crash caused the Frito Lay truck to overturn. The beer truck was cut open, sending dozens of beer cans onto the interstate.”

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We hope there were at least some chips and beer that was unharmed.

–Michelle Ward Trainor

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