Chili's Twitter Account Is Dishing Out Some Serious Life Advice

Forget calling your mom, Dr. Chili's is in the house.

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Forget calling your mom for whatever life questions you have and turn to a true friend: Chili’s.

The restaurant’s Twitter account started shelling out major inspirational advice on Wednesday after one Twitter user suggested people should go to each other for questions they have instead of relying on different forums and learning from strangers. Since he claimed “@Chilis is my friend,” he then pitched the idea of Chili’s being a guiding light. “Sometimes @chilis knows,” he wrote.

Another user commented, wondering what he would ask them, and the Austin native behind @subtlebutler responded with a question about his medical bills.

“My co-pay at my primary care doc is supposed to be $0 but then I always get charged more money later even for regular checkups. WHY CHILIS,” he tweeted.

The chain restaurant came back with some hard-hitting truth: “If your deductible hasn’t been met, your copay is how much it costs to simply leave your doctor’s office. They can charge way more later.”

Once people saw that Chili’s will do more than just provide the best bottomless chips and salsa for them, the Internet blew up. Suddenly the feed became a therapy session and Chili’s added an M.D. to the end of their name.

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One user wrote in: “Chili’s why is my love life so hopelessly bad” and the restaurant came back with a coddling answer. “It’s not as bad as it seems,” they wrote. “While at times life can feel overwhelming, there’s always more good than bad. You simply have to look for it.”

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Some people went deep with their questions, and others were more practical, like asking about their mortgage: “Chili’s should I take out a 2nd mortgage on my house to pay for grad school? Or stick w/ my job I’m unhappy at?”

And again, Chili’s response was perfect: “We can’t tell you whether or not to do that. But we can urge you to take a look at your life and figure out what matters most to you.”

While we’re not sure how long Chili’s will be in the Twitter therapy business, one thing’s for sure: their margarita menu can solve a lot of life’s problems.

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