Chili's Debuts a 1,650-Calorie Burger Topped with Sausage, Ribs, Bacon, Brisket, and More

The chain launched the new "Boss Burger" in select cities.

Chili’s is back, baby, back, baby, back, and this time, they put their famous ribs on top of a burger.

The chain recently announced the launch of their “Boss Burger”—a 1,650-calorie monstrosity. First, the bottom bun is smothered in BBQ sauce and ranch, and then topped with lettuce, tomato, a beef patty and cheddar cheese. Next, the burger is loaded with four other meats—brisket, pulled ribs, jalapeño sausage, and bacon—before being completed with a top bun.

“This burger is a meal in itself and for some it can be lunch the next day,” Steve Provost, Chili’s CMO, said in a statement to PEOPLE. “If you have the courage to ‘conquer The Boss,’ you have two options – gather your closest friends and family for a Chili’s date to share this beast of a burger, or if you’re feeling particularly saucy and are up to the #ChilisBoss challenge then you can try to conquer this thing in one sitting on your own.”


Currently, the Boss Burger is only available on a test menu in certain cities, and it was recently tested in Dallas as part of the Chili’s Underground phase. If the burger passes the testing phase, the restaurant plans to roll it out on menus nationwide, a representative for Chili’s confirmed to PEOPLE.

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According to the statement, Chili’s is also testing out two additional burgers for their menu: the Chili’s Chili and Alex’s Santa Fe. The Chili’s Chili is a throwback item from the eatery’s original restaurant menu in 1975, and features their original 1975 chili recipe.

Alex’s Santa Fe burger was created by one of the restaurant’s chefs, Alex Gomez, who decided to top his burger with avocado, tomato, onion, pickles and a “secret spicy Santa Fe sauce.”

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