Hot Chicken Wing and Wasabi Oreos Exist—But You'll Probably Have to Travel to Get Them

Just when you thought they couldn't come up with anything crazier.

Photo: Mondelēz Intl/Twitter

If you thought that Oreo flavors couldn’t possibly get any crazier, think again.

Their parent company, Mondelēz International, recently announced that two “big and bold” new flavors —Hot Chicken Wing and Wasabi—are now available in China. The chicken flavor has an orange cream filling that shouldn’t be confused with Oreo’s annual Halloween edition cookies that look very similar. The Wasabi flavor has a bright green center, and each are between two classic chocolate cookies.

After the announcement of the new Oreos, people took to Twitter to share their reactions.

“Oh no no no no no,” one user wrote.

While another person begged for them to come to their hometown: “I would love to try them, especially the wasabi one. Please bring them to Canada!”

While the two new flavors have found their home only overseas for now, American supermarkets are still full of fun (but definitely less adventurous) Oreo flavors to try.

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Earlier this month, they announced Cherry Cola as the winner of their#MyOreoCreation Contest, and they also announced their State Fair Cookies, which mimic the flavor of deep-fried Oreos and can be found exclusively at Walmart.

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