Dare we say we've found a brand new way to enjoy some salty smoked pork?

By Shay Spence
March 16, 2018 04:38 PM

By now everyone knows there are a million ways to eat bacondessert, breakfast pastries, fried rice, mac ‘n’ cheese…you get it. But dare we say we’ve found a brand new way to enjoy some salty smoked pork? Our friends over at Southern Living have come up with method for using bacon as a marinade for grilled chicken.

Now this might sound a little strange, but just bear with us here. You’re going to put sliced strips of bacon into the food processor. Add in some salt, brown sugar, chili powder, garlic, and onion and whiz it up until a meaty paste (for lack of a better term) forms.

Then simply toss cubed chicken in the mixture and thread it on a skewer. When you grill it, the salty-sweet seasoning will caramelize into something magically delicious, with smoky bacon flavor permeating every bite.

Watch the video above to see how it’s done, and then get the full recipe for Whiskey Bacon Chicken Skewers on Southern Living. For even more innovative ways to use bacon, check out our full PeopleTV special Food for Bacon Lovers.