The former First Daughter celebrated National Pancake Day in a non-traditional way

By Shay Spence
March 08, 2017 10:44 AM

Over the past month, Chelsea Clinton has undoubtedly found her voice on Twitter, crusading against the policies of President Trump at every turn. One debate she probably didn’t expect to become embroiled in, though, is the sanctity of pancakes.

On Tuesday night—a.k.a. National Pancake Day, for those who don’t follow the news—the former First Daughter took to the social media platform to show off her home cooked breakfast-for-dinner.

“Spinach pancakes for #NationalPancakeDay,” she captioned the photo of a stack of flapjacks resembling a carbed-up form of green smoothie. The meal was a hit with her 2-year-old daughter: “(we won’t eat them all tonight although Charlotte would if we let her)!” Clinton added.

Others on the Internet were predictably not as easily pleased. The post has elicited nearly 1,000 responses, with many choosing to express their emotions in the form of skeptical or outright disapproving gifs and emojis.

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More open-minded followers asked thoughtful questions, which she was happy to oblige—and even provide a mini recipe.

Eventually, Clinton got back to commenting on bigger issues like the Republicans’ Obamacare replacement program, arguing that the country “may not agree on spinach pancakes,” but surely we can agree that Americans should not have to choose a healthcare plan they cannot afford.

So, what do you think? Is spinach an acceptable ingredient in pancakes? Let your voice be heard on this pressing national issue.

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