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Nibble on this: 4 things happening in the world of food you should know today.

1. Welcome Instagram’s latest food obsession: The Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Poke Wrap.
The eternal afternoon dilemma: Order a light, healthy lunch today or get the food you really want to eat and regret it the rest of the day? SoCal eatery The Low-Key Poke Joint has made that choice a little easier: For better or worse, they’re wrapping their sushi burritos in Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. We’re not sure what flavors go well with those pulverized spicy-cheesy crumbs, but diners can fill their bright orange wraps with common sushi fillings stuffed inside—including tuna and salmon—and corn, wasabi peas, fried garlic and crab meat.

2. There’s an app that lets you order leftover food from restaurants.

“Too Good To Go” is the latest tech effort that attacks food waste by letting U.K. residents order meals from restaurants at half the price. Most restaurants throw out their food at the end of the day because it goes bad overnight and can’t be sold again the next day. With the app, users can order and pick it up within an hour of closing time. According to the official website, the app has helped “approximately over 200 tons of carbon dioxide emissions and provided thousands of meals that would have otherwise been discarded to those in need.”

3. You may not be able to eat (or drink) and drive in New Jersey if this bill passes.

That morning coffee you like to drink on the way to work could cost a lot more than the $4 you usually spend. In New Jersey, a bill is circulating that could impose fines for drivers who eat, drink, groom, read or use any electronic devices while behind the wheel, according to Drivers may have to pay $200 to $400 for the first offense and $400 to $600 for the second. A third offense would not only cost up to $800 but would also result in license suspension and license points. Ouch!

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4. Pokémon’s Pikachu + Churros = Pikachurros

Is it just us or is food the best thing to come out of this Pokémon Go mania? Say hello to the Pikachurro—named after Pikachu, of course—offered at a churro shop called The Loop. The dessert is looped in the shape of the pocket monster’s head. Red sprinkle stars create Pikachu’s adorable red cheeks while blackened cookie crumbs serve as the tips of his rabbit-like ears. The Pikachurro isn’t for sale but could be in the near future if enough pocket monster foodies request it.