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Updated December 08, 2020 11:34 AM

Because nothing’s better than a little celebrity nostalgia, we searched the YouTube archives for the most delicious food commercials featuring stars and unearthed some really sweet TV spots—and some total turkeys!

From Kim Kardashian writhing in bed with a salad to a shirtless Brad Pitt getting the fever for a Pringle potato chip (and a hot blonde!), it’s time to sit back and enjoy the belly laughs. And, when it’s all over, if your belly requests a Pizza Hut delivery, blame Jessica Simpson.

Let’s go back in time to when Brad had a thing for blondes (sorry, Angelina!) and Pringles.

Britney Spears time travels with Pepsi—and she has the bellbottoms to prove it.

Leonardo DiCaprio convinces his TV mom to allow him to eat Kraft cheese. Ah, so that’s how he convinces models to date him.

Think Ben Affleck will be allowed to take the Batmobile through a Burger King drive-through?

Kim rolls around in bed with a Carls Jr. salad and then takes a bath. What would Kanye say?

We know Jessica didn’t get a body like this by digging into Pizza Hut’s buffalo chicken slices.

It’s magic! Pillsbury cookies make an adorable Drew Barrymore smile on a cold, miserable day.

In the good old days, sweet and wholesome Lindsay Lohan bounced around with Bill Cosby and friends eating grape Jell-O.

Watch out, Victoria! Hubby David Beckham is making some serious eyes at this Burger King server while ordering a fruit smoothie.

Now we know how Matt LeBlanc made all those friends on Friends: by drinking Cherry 7UP.

Before she slayed vampires, Sarah Michelle Gellar slammed McDonald’s for Burger King.

In this alternate universe, no one cares about George Clooney—all they want is Nespresso.

We don’t speak German, but we’re pretty sure Heidi Klum is saying, “Psssht, McDonald’s. I don’t eat McDonald’s.” Watch the supermodel eat her words—and a sandwich.

Meg Ryan is out of breath! She’s got just 30 seconds to tell you how to win a $1 million at Burger King.

And just in case you missed it at the top, an encore: Oh, Justin Timberlake, we remember when you singing about baby back ribs sent us running to the nearest Chili’s. Anything you say!

—Amy Jamieson

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