Your Cup of Coffee Needs a Cat Doughnut Right Meow

Cat donut japan

Purr-fection — that’s really the only way to describe them.

They’re doughnuts designed to look like cats, and people are eating them up in Japan (insert gif of Nick Jonas being jealous right here, because WE ARE.)

We can’t understand a word of what’s being said in this YouTube video that shows how the doughnuts are made at Floresta Nature Doughnuts in Tokyo, and that’s totally okay because we know that cuteness is the most important ingredient here. It’s a bonus though that, according to Tokyo Eats blog, the shop has an “environmentally friendly philosophy,” and only uses safe, organic, and local ingredients at their bakery.

“As soon as you try one you will notice it’s more on the health conscious side but they are still yummy and satisfying as a dessert,” the blog says. “When I first discovered these donuts, I fell in love with them and wished they had more locations. The fact that they are constantly switching up the flavors every time I visit their shop is fun too.”

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The shop rotates daily selections as well as their special animal decorated doughnuts, which means that if felines aren’t your thing, you can pair a panda or frog doughnut with your cup of joe.

If all of this makes you wonder how big these puppies actually are, Instagram user Katherine Sabbath artfully demonstrates that.

Confirmed: you can safely fit at least ten of these doughnuts in two hands!

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—Amy Jamieson

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