A manager for TOMGEORGE tells PEOPLE Cat Deeley "didn't like the taste of the food"

So You Think You Can Dance‘s Cat Deeley is standing by her claim that her experience at the popular L.A. restaurant TOMGEORGE was a terrible one—and that she had a reason for not leaving a tip for her server.

Deeley, 40, took to Twitter again on Monday afternoon to address what went wrong during her meal, writing, “Just to be clear. Our order arrived at the table incorrectly FIVE times! Then one of my guests dishes was inedible. There was zero service.”

The So You Think You Can Dance host tweeted about the experience first on Sunday after dining at the popular Italian eatery.

When her followers began to ask her what happened, she kept things vague, with the following responses: “Terrible food. Disaster.”; “Absolutely awful! Worst restaurant in LA”; “This place is awful! Avoid at all costs!”; and last, but not least, “I give it 3 months.”

Zoltan Davis, who is a manager at the restaurant but did not deal with Deely on Sunday, tells PEOPLE that the manager who attended to her “went to the table and apologized and comped all of the food on the check so she only had to pay for cocktails.”

“That’s the best we could do,” he adds. “Different people have different tastes so they cannot be perfect for everyone. But usually we get really good reviews for the food but I understand if someone doesn’t like it. I was here and I didn’t realize there was a big issue. We did the best with what we could do.”

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Davis tells PEOPLE that if Deeley called him, he “would apologize to her and see if there’s anything to do to try and ease the pain.”

Deeley’s server for the night discovered the tweets and fired back: “Cat, as your server at TomGeorge I am hurt by your response to free food. I gave you respect, and I served you with love.”

His tweet also included her receipt and that a large portion of Deeley’s meal—about $123 on a $200 check—was comped by the restaurant and she failed to leave a tip.