By peoplestaff225
Updated October 19, 2015 02:58 PM

Cassey Ho is an internationally renowned, award-winning fitness instructor, online personality, and creator of Blogilates, the #1 female fitness channel on YouTube with over 200 million video views and 2.1 million subscribers. This fall, 24 Hour Fitness and Cassey Ho are introducing POP Pilates — an innovative Pilates-inspired program presenting a fusion of ab-chiseling, total-body-defining moves choreographed to Top 40 hits. Visit Ho’s YouTube page or follow her on Twitter and Instagram, @blogilates

With Halloween coming up, many of us are going to be wearing costumes that involve short shorts, skirts and dresses. And we want our legs to be looking their best! I’m sharing with you my top POP Pilates exercises that will tone and strengthen your legs from every angle to make them look hot for Halloween!

Plié Squats
Plié squats are the ultimate leg exercise because they literally sculpt everything — calves, inner thighs and glutes — all at the same time!

1. To come into position, bring your feet wider than your hips, and your toes pointed out. Keep your knees pointing in the same direction as your toes.

2. Staying nice and tall in your upper body, sit low as you squat down. You can bring your arms out to your sides, but remember to relax your shoulders.

3. As you come up, squeeze your inner thighs towards one another to REALLY feel the burn.

4. You can advance the move into Elevated Plié Squats by lifting up your heels and holding them up while you stay in the squat. That will seriously burn your calves and inner thighs like crazy!

Single Leg Bridge Pulses
I’m taking regular Bridge Pulses to the next level with these Single Leg Bridges. This exercise strengthens your hamstrings and glutes, leaving them toned and tight!

1. Get into position by laying on your backside and relaxing your arms at your sides. Your knees will be bent, feet flat on the mat. Make sure your ankles and knees are aligned.

2. Lift one leg up, keeping your leg as straight as you can and pointing your toe.

3. Lift your heel straight up and down on the hip lift. (To decrease intensity, you always have the option to do single bridge pulses, keeping both feet on the ground.)

Sideways Scissors
This next leg exercise not only strengthens your inner and outer thighs, but it also works your lower abs as well!

1. Rest your head on the mat with your arms relaxed at your side.

2. Lift both legs up over your hips and point your toes. Try to keep your legs as straight as possible.

3. As you inhale, move your legs wide apart and exhale to bring them back in crossing at the ankle. If you feel your lower back coming off the mat, you can make a diamond shape with your hands and place them under your tailbone.

4. To increase the move even more, you can come up into Pilates stance by lifting your head, neck and shoulders off the mat. This will engage more of your abs muscles. Abs and legs at the same time!? BEST combo!