Customers can help celebrate with junior-size cups and cones in any flavor of soft serve.

By Hannah Chubb
May 01, 2019 03:41 PM

Carvel’s birthday is cause for celebration—mainly because it means cheap ice cream for all.

Carvel is inviting their fans to celebrate their 85th birthday with them by offering 85 cent cups and cones on May 2. Customers can stop by a participating full-service shop any time from open to close on Thursday to score a junior-size cup or cone for less than a dollar.

“$0.85 Cone Day is a way for us to give back to the loyal fans who’ve helped Carvel reach this milestone,” Nicolle DuBose, Senior Director of Marketing at Carvel, said in a press release. “Eighty-five years after Tom Carvel invented soft serve ice cream by happenstance, we continue to look toward the future to give our fans the delicious, homemade ice cream, iconic characters, tasty innovation and sweet celebrations they know and love. Here’s to the next 85!”

A New York-born brand known for introducing soft serve ice cream as we know it today, Carvel came to life in 1934 and became the United States’ first retail ice cream franchise, now operating more than 400 locations across the country.

Customers can choose any flavor of soft serve available in the shop as part of the deal, so start deciding now whether you’re going to go for vanilla, chocolate, cold brew or one of their other sweet flavors.

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Can’t make it on May 2? Carvel isn’t the only company that does a cheap cone day. Ben & Jerry’s held a Free Cone Day on April 9, Dairy Queen hands out free cones every year on March 20 (the first day of spring) and Haagen Dazs typically holds their own Free Cone Day midway through May, so don’t fret, there’s even more opportunity for sweet deals just around the corner.