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Celebrity trainer Erin Oprea knows a thing or two about how to get great legs.

“This is what people come to me for,” Oprea tells PEOPLE. “Carrie Underwood has beautiful legs. That’s what I love doing. So here’s one thing I find absolutely so useful – lunges.”

Oprea says beginners can start out with a basic lunge, and advance the move by adding a jump to really work the legs and get them super toned.

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The 4×4 Diet author also recommends staying active whenever possible – even at the airport while waiting to board your plane.

“The whole world is our gym,” says Oprea. “At the airport, for instance, I take my jump rope. Let’s get our steps in. Why not keep active instead of just sitting? You don’t have to follow everyone else’s example.”

“Stay active wherever you are,” she continues. “Take advantage of any downtime that you might have to get a couple of extra steps in.”

Of course good nutrition is just as important as fitness when it comes to having a lean physique. That’s why Oprea recommends starting off the day with a hearty breakfast of oatmeal topped with blueberries and a side of egg whites.

“Oatmeal is my favorite thing,” she says. “Crock-pot oatmeal is the best. You want to do two cups of steal-cut oats, six cups of water, two cups of almond milk and then sprinkle some cinnamon. Put that in a crock-pot overnight, and in the morning you have a bowl of deliciousness.”

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Oprea practices what she preaches when it comes to staying active wherever she can – she even jumps rope while watching her son’s soccer games. When a stranger made fun of her online for jumping rope during a game, she stood up to her bully.

“I will never change my ways because of someone trying to shame me,” she told PEOPLE in March. “The next soccer game is Friday and I will continue to do what I always do, what I have always done, for years and years and years. It keeps me active, it keeps me moving, and it keeps me from ever yelling at my kids when they’re on the field.”

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