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As a former U.S. Marine, Erin Oprea is dedicated to fitness. Now a Nashville-based personal trainer with clients like Carrie Underwood, she uses her expertise to help those with busy lives stay fit. Visit her site Oprea Personal Fitness or follow her on Twitter @OpreaFitness. Then come back to PEOPLE.com every Monday to master a new workout move.

With a few key pieces of fitness equipment, I’m able to meet my clients wherever they’d like to workout. Some prefer working out outside in the park others in the privacy of their living room.

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What’s the one piece I always bring along? The Bosu Ball! It adds such a versatile piece of equipment, and it adds a lot of complexity to classic moves. Generally, when I meet up my clients holding the Bosu Ball, they usually groan (with excitement, I’m sure), which lets me know my workouts are on the right track!

With this in mind I wanted to show you some of my clients’ favorite moves that use this piece to really get a great burn during your workout. They will help tone your whole body and challenge you to reach the next level of fitness.

Don’t feel bad if the wiggly ball requires you to place a hand on a wall or chair, that’s a great place to start! With the pushups, if you need to start on your knees before reaching a level that allows you to perform them on your toes, you’re not the only one. Nearly every one of my clients start this way, too.

Have fun changing up your regular routine and keep up your hard work. You’re worth it!

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