Cardi B Shows Off Her 'Okurrr' in New Pepsi Commercial: 'I'm a Bright Star Too'

"The biggest of the biggest stars have done Pepsi," Cardi tells PEOPLE of working with the brand

While Cardi B made a cameo during the Super Bowl commercials last week, she’ll be the star of her own Pepsi spot when the Grammys air on Sunday — and she’s showing off her signature “okurrrr.”

The new 30-second commercial, exclusively premiered above and titled (what else?) “Okurrr,” sees the “I Like It” singer playfully reassure diner customers that Pepsi is, in fact, okay to drink … though it takes them a bit to understand what sound she’s making.

PEOPLE spoke with Cardi, 26, last week in Atlanta ahead of the commercial’s unveiling. She’s done other ad work before, including for Amazon’s Alexa at last year’s Super Bowl, but “this one is just like — it’s like, Pepsi,” she says.

“The biggest of the biggest stars have done Pepsi,” says Cardi, who has long been candid about the success she wants to achieve and the money she makes. “So it’s like, ‘Damn, I’m a bright star like them too.'”

Both the “Okurrrr” ad and her earlier appearance alongside Steve Carell and Lil Jon for Pepsi’s Super Bowl commercial rely on the famously colorful performer’s famously colorful behavior.

“It’s really small words, so you gotta like pop,” Cardi explains. “You gotta make good face expressions. You gotta make your presence be felt, so if you don’t even say nothing, your presence gotta be felt.”

Working with Pepsi, Cardi says, “just sounds like an official stamp.”

She puts it this way: “If money see you as money then that means you’re money, you know what I’m saying? Like, Pepsi’s money.”

Quinn Gravier / Goodby Silverstein & Partners, for Pepsi

Since the release of her smash single “Bodak Yellow” in the summer of 2017, Cardi has rocketed to fame. She tells PEOPLE she hasn’t had a day off since Dec. 26 but is planning a break after the Grammys, where she is slated to perform and is nominated in five categories, including best album and best record.

Amid her Super Bowl festivities last week, Cardi also slotted in a rehearsal for the awards show. (She made other headlines thanks to her recent reconciliation with husband Offset, with whom she shares daughter Kulture Kiari.)

“I just did my — how many fittings? I did four fittings, a total of four fittings just for the Grammys so I’m looking forward for like the final results of everything,” she says. “It’s a lot. It’s a very big night.”

“I haven’t been able to think straight because I’m just thinking about that day,” she continues. “Not only do you got a performance that it gotta be flawless — you’re also hoping that you win something. You want to win.”

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