Cardi B and Indya Moore Taste Latin American Food with James Beard Award-Nominated Chefs

Cardi B and Indya Moore ate their way through the cuisines of the Dominican Republic, Peru, El Salvador and Mexico with help from chefs Jaime Martín Del Campo and Ramiro Arvizo

Cardi B and Indya Moore Taste Latin American Food
Cardi B and Indya Moore. Photo: Cardi Tries/Facebook Watch

Cardi B is enjoying a culinary tour through Latin America.

The rapper joined Indya Moore for a day in the kitchen with chefs Jaime Martín Del Campo and Ramiro Arvizo, the James Beard Award-nominated owners of La Casita Mexicana, in a recent episode of the Messenger series Cardi Tries.

"I feel like a lot of people don't know I'm Dominican, I'm West Indian, and this is like, I really want to learn how to be an amazing Hispanic cook," Cardi, 28, said to Moore, 26, in the car ride over to La Casita Mexicana. "I want to cook like my aunt and my grandmother. I want to cook with feelings, you know, it's like the food got feelings."

"Yeah, you got to know where it's coming from, you got to know the seasonings, you got to know all the things and put it together," Moore said, before telling Cardi that her father is an immigrant from the Dominican Republic and taught her mother how to cook.

"I like to nurture, like to nourish, and I want to be able to manifest that in cooking. That's my inspiration," the Pose star added.

The pair then arrived at the restaurant, where they were welcomed by Martín Del Campo and Arvizo with glasses of Morir Soñando, a Dominican drink with milk, orange juice, vanilla and sugar.

The group started their Latin American food lesson by making some Mangú, the national dish of the Dominican Republic made of plantains and oil or butter.

Their gastronomical tour then took a stop in Peru for some traditional ceviche. Martín Del Campo demonstrated how to make the dish for Cardi and Moore, who both helped the chef put together the recipe. Joking about her long nails getting in the way of spicing a mixing bowl, Cardi says, "You see? I was not meant to be domestic."

Martín Del Campo explained that the citric acid of the limes used in the meal cooks the raw fish — "that's the way we cook the ceviche," he said.

El Salvador was next on the tour, with pupusas on the menu. Arvizo taught Cardi and Moore how to make the flatbread from scratch.

"Just the fact that it's easy. You know, I like easy sh--," Cardi said of the process. "This is easy to make," she told Arvizo, "I would love to do this at home. I could do this at home."

Cardi B and Indya Moore Taste Latin American Food
Cardi Tries/Facebook Watch

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The group's final stop on the tour was Mexico for a traditional dish called chiles en nogada, which Arvizo explained has "been in the Mexican kitchen since 1821." The recipe includes large chiles filled with pork, beef, and raisins and topped with crema and pomegranate seeds.

Cardi and Moore served their chiles en nogada to special guests Angelica Maria, known as Mexico's sweetheart, and The Bold and the Beautiful star Andres Zuno.

Though Cardi admitted she was "really nervous to taste" their final meal, Maria assured the "WAP" singer that it tasted just like home.

"I've never seen this dish, and when I was cooking I was a little bit scared because I'm like, I don't mix sweet with beef, and it's very delicious and I did it, and I like my own food," Cardi said to applause from the table.

Learning how to cook new dishes from across Latin America inspired both Cardi and Moore to keep up with their culinary adventure, they said.

"Chiles en nogada really makes me want to go and really explore the real Mexico," Cardi said. "I've been to Tulum, I've been to Cancun, but I feel like I haven't been in, in Mexico, like in with the people."

"I definitely felt inspired," Moore said. "I definitely want to learn more about what our dishes are and what other dishes come out of Mexican culture."

"Both of you did such a great job," Martín Del Campo told the duo at the end of the video. "Salud!"

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