November 04, 2015 11:59 AM

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Need to find the perfect birthday present for your hard-to-shop-for best friend? Why not take a page out of Cara Delevingne‘s book and treat her to a cake with your face on it?

Well, half of your face at any rate. For her friend Kendall Jenners 20th birthday, the model/actress designed a naughty, one-of-a-kind cake featuring their faces mashed up in order to create one stunning portrait.

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Of course, Delevingne didn’t stop there when it came to treating her fellow supermodel. Surrounding the cake was a collection of cheeky, not safe for work candies, including a relatively G-rated chocolate bar bearing the instruction “Don’t go bacon my heart.”

Apparently even supermodels can’t resist a good food pun.

Courtesy Cara Delevingne

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Still, the photo was more than just Delevingne’s attempt at scoring some extra face time on her best friend’s big day—it’s actually an homage to the nickname that she and Jenner have for themselves, CaKe, which they created by mashing the first two letters of their first names together.

“A CaKe for my CaKe,” Delevingne captioned a sweet snap of the cake on Instagram, which we hope they then tucked into while wearing their matching CaKe shirts.

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If our best friends happen to be reading this, let’s just say the bar for birthday treats has officially been set. You bring the goofy cake, and we’ll have some matching shirts printed up.

—Julia Emmanuele

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