Candy Corn Oreos Are Back to Haunt Your Dreams

Candy Corn Oreos - Food
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With Pumpkin Spice Lattes making their early debut just last week, we knew Candy Corn Oreos wouldn’t be far behind.

The vanilla cookies filled with sweet yellow and orange candy corn creme, which made their grand debut in 2012, are back at select retailers for a limited time to help you celebrate everything that is fall.

Given sales in previous years, you may want to act fast. In 2013, the Oreo flavor was so welcomed that packages flew off Target shelves and were being sold on eBay for $12 a box.

While the waxy candy is one of those Halloween treats that can make people either squirm with disgust or light up with nostalgia, the Oreo version has proved to turn the haters into lovers.

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PEOPLE staffers tried the cookie when they first came out, and gave them overwhelmingly positive reviews. “Nothing scary about these—they taste like yummy birthday cake batter,” one editor said, with another claiming they’re “exactly the right combination of Oreo and candy corn flavor. I could eat 20.”

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But others suggested sticking to the recommended serving size (two). “I could probably only eat one … maybe half. Too sweet. I much prefer regular Oreos,” one staffer said.

If you’re brave enough to depart from the original Oreo, but you can’t stomach this festive option, it’s okay — Swedish Fish-flavored is also available while supplies last.

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