"All of my meals have been just these easy, basic meals," the Fuller House star tells PEOPLE

By Carmen DiPippo
August 07, 2019 04:02 PM

For Candace Cameron Bure, food is at the center of her family time.

“I have a close relationship with all of my children,” the mom to sons Lev, 19, and Maksim, 17, and daughter Natasha, 21, tells PEOPLE, “and I really do contribute that to the time that we were intentional about sitting down and talking together over a meal.”

While she admits that she’s no chef extraordinaire (that’s her husband Val!), she make a conscious effort to get in the kitchen, and make simple dishes her family will enjoy.

“I relate to the working mom, or whether you’re a stay at home mom and you’ve got five kids and you’re trying to take care of them. All of my meals have been just these easy, basic meals,” she says. “I don’t really like to cook if it’s more than five ingredients.”

“I’ve enjoyed cooking but I know that I’m not the best at it,” she continues. “My husband is a much better chef than I am.”

That’s why when the Fuller House star was creating her new line of cookware, CookCraft by Candace, she aimed to make efficient products that make it easier for families to get back to spending more time preparing a meal together— no matter your skill level.

CookCraft Co.

The stainless steel collection of six pots and pans feature glass lids so you can always keep an eye on the food, and an easy grip silicone handle to avoid potential burns if you’re in a rush.

Above all, she hopes that her cookware will encourage people to get back into the kitchen, even if it’s just once a week or so.

“It comes down to making it a priority in your life to spend that time, and I hope that this cookware really brings the family back to the table,” she says.

Candace Cameron Bure and Val Bure

The actress’s favorite “staple” meal to cook for the family — now in one of her new pans — might surprise you with it’s simplicity: ground beef or ground turkey tacos.

“It’s been a staple since I was a kid and it still is today. This is the easiest family meal. It’s quick and everyone can kind of custom make it for themselves,” says Bure.

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This isn’t the first time the TV star has made her way into the food industry. In 2006, Candace and her husband decided to take their love for wines to the next level by creating their own wine label, Bure Family Wines. Five years later, they bought two acres of land in St. Helena, California to start their own winery.