The Fuller House star gets candid about her daily diet.
Candace Cameron Bure Partners With Starkist Tuna
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

Candace Cameron Bure‘s approach to eating well revolves around a sensible, achievable diet—with the occasional exceptions, of course.

“The majority of what I eat is plant-based and whole grains. If I do eat a meat protein, it’s from fish,” the actress, who is a spokesperson for Starkist, told PEOPLE at an event for the tuna company. “I’m not vegan because I do eat quite a bit of seafood, but I don’t eat much dairy or red meats anymore.”

On her cheat days, though, the Fuller House star doesn’t hold back. “Ice cream—just gallons and gallons of ice cream—that’s what I love the most,” she said. “I also really like french fries, too, if we’re going to go salty and sweet.”

Bure, who has been open about her past struggle with an eating disorder, admits that the pressures of Hollywood have come into play at certain points in her life. “You have all eyes on you at all times, so anyone that says there isn’t some form of pressure, men and women, to always be looking your best, they would be lying to you.”

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Ultimately, she says her desire to stay fit comes from within. “If anyone follows my Instagram, they know how much I enjoy to work out because I post about it all the time,” she said, adding: “It’s not like my character for DJ or any of the parts in my Hallmark movies or my mystery series require me to have a lean, fit body. I just really enjoy fitness because it’s a personal choice, not because I have to look a certain way for my characters.”

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Her on-screen sister, Jodie Sweeten, has quite a different approach to food, according to Bure. “Jodie’s a good eater, I’ll tell ya,” she said. “It’s amazing to me because she doesn’t eat very healthy, which we laugh about it. She has an incredible body. She has the best skin I’ve ever seen. She’s like, ‘I don’t do anything to help it. I eat bad food, I eat greasy pizza, like all day long.’ She always surprises me how great she looks for the kinds of food she eats.”

Despite Bure’s commitment to maintaining a healthy diet, don’t expect to see her behind the stove any time soon. “I eat better than I cook,” she said. “It’s not my thing—my husband [Valeri Bure] does all the cooking in the house. He’s really, really good at it. I make more reservations than I do cook.”

When she does need to whip something up, her partnership with Starkist comes in handy. “I grew up on tuna sandwiches and now I make tuna sandwiches for my kids. There are all these yummy flavors that they make now.”