Looks like Canada’s Coca-Cola is going on a diet — eh?

The Coca-Cola company has announced that it’s reducing the sugar content of the beverage in Canada by 8 percent, to make it more consistent with the Coke enjoyed around the world (because, did you know that the drink has always been sweeter in Canada?).

This means a 591 milliliter bottle that was once 260 calories, will now be 240, reports Eater. Additionally, the company will also downsize Coke cans by 15 percent, from 500ml to a new 310ml can.

In a blog for, Zenith chairman Richard Hall describes the move as a “small step for can-kind” (get it?).

“If it succeeds in Canada, [the high profile brand] may be prepared to make similar moves elsewhere,” he writes with a hopeful tone. “What if other brands did the same and progressively shifted overall sweetness expectations to a healthier future?”

It seems that Coca-Cola Canada is proud of its can-do attitude toward tweaking beverages for the consumer. It was the first major beverage company to introduce no and low calorie beverages, and to post calories on the front of its packages, the company says.

—Amy Jamieson

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